Benefits of different types of tea you should know

Tea is considered one of the remedies to cure and prevent many diseases. People from the East were aware of its benefits for ages. They used it as a regular drink to fight major diseases like cancer, heart attack, and more. But now tea is being recognized by the western world too from the past few decades. They are discovering different health benefits of teas that can benefit human beings. Teas are now commonly available everywhere. You can also buy it from Woolworths and get a discount on your purchase using the Woolworths promotional code.  

There are different types of teas available now, and these tea are highly beneficial. Let’s see the benefits of different kinds of teas.

Green tea – To prevent cancer

Green tea is prepared by lightly heated the Camellia Sinensis Plant’s leaves. They are least oxidized and have light color. Among all the other kinds of teas, it has the highest concentration of antioxidants. It has a light, fresh, and grassy aroma. It is highly effective in preventing breast cancer, bladder cancer, pancreas cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, and rectal cancer.  The other health benefit includes; mental alertness, support heart and brain health, weight loss, and protection against oxidative stress.

Pu-erh tea – For healthy brain

The Pu-erh tea is known very rarely. It comes from the same plant as green tea (Camellia Sinensis Plant). The tea is robust and fermented. It has too many positive effects and benefits for the human body. It contains caffeine that means it helps in mental alertness. It keeps the brain sharp, healthy, and focused. It supports the heart and also gives a natural glow, and encourages healthy skin.

Oolong tea – For high blood pressure

The tea is harvested in the middle stage of green tea, turning into black tea. It is semi-oxidized and always produced as whole leaf tea. It has several antioxidant components, including ECGC, theaflavins, and thearubigins. It is best to control high blood pressure. It lowers bad cholesterol and increases high cholesterol. It helps the body to fight against free radicals and oxidative stress. It also helps to support the brain and heart health.

Chamomile tea – To cure insomnia

The chamomile tea is made with the dried chamomile flower. It is a pretty, fragrant, and elegant herb. The tea is widely used in the winter season. It is excellent to drink chamomile tea before bed because of its power to cure insomnia. It can help in better sleep. The other benefit of this herbal tea is that it supports digestion, fights stress, and prevents the common cold.


There were some teas with outstanding benefits for humans. Pick and treat and cure your disease. Replace your unhealthy drink with them and see frequent changes in your health. Acquire a healthy lifestyle just by replacing your regular tea or coffee with the suitable tea. It can help you regain your energy and gives you subtle health benefits in long term run of life.

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